Course C1 Cambridge Advanced (CAE)

A C1 Advanced qualification shows the world that you have mastered English to a high level. It
proves you can communicate with the fluency and sophistication of a competent English
speaker. It is accepted by universities and institutions worldwide and valid for life.

You wish to improve your English so that you can prepare optimally for your C1 Cambridge
Advanced Exams. We can help you prepare and improve your language proficiency skills. Our
lessons are taught by native speakers and we use official Cambridge materials and tests

Choice of:

  • 10 lessons of 3 hours face-to-face, alongside 30 hours independent study and
    assignments and online check of Writing assignments with expert feedback. The focus
    is also on Reading & Use of English, Listening, vocabulary and Speaking.
  • 15 lessons of 2 hours online, alongside 30 hours of independent study and online
    check of Writing assignments with expert feedback. The focus is also on Reading &
    Use of English, Listening, vocabulary and Speaking.

The course includes official Cambridge preparation materials of €40 and exam fees of €240.


  • Open registration for individuals at a location of your choice
  • Group registration at locations near to you
  • Online


  • Individual for €75 per hour
  • Groups (minimum 4 persons) €995 in total.


« The language training courses at Zwiers Language & Exam Centre provided me with the preparation that I needed for the official Cambridge English exam. You have a lot of autonomy and control over the pace, level and whether you want to learn in a group, individually, on location or online. Hannah is a committed and dedicated teacher and the communication about the lessons and the exam was always very clear. In the end, thanks to Zwiers, I passed my Cambridge C2 level, a higher level than I had expected! This certificate opens doors to international universities or a job with an international company. A perfect way to prove your level of English. »


« In order to follow an English-language master’s program in Strategic Management with CAE as a prerequisite, I registered in time for an exam via Zwiers. COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works and the exam planning went completely haywire. To maintain our exam level, Hannah Zwiers and the other C1 candidates provided regular virtual meetings via Zoom , including a mock exam in the week leading up to the actual exam. During the « digital » meetings we learnt how to deal with the challenges of the C1 exam in a very focussed way. Speaking English with Hannah and the other candidates had a positive effect on my fluency. Also, the possibility to submit writing assignments with feedback has been of great added value. The high quality of Hannah’s tailor-made course enabled me to achieve the C2 level during the exam itself! I can therefore recommend Zwiers Language Training to every professional who really wants to improve his or her English language skills! »

Peter Cnossen

Projectmanager UAV At Dutch National Police